BOIA Annual Belfast Dinner 2023

On 27th October BOIA President Jim Houston hosted around 280 people, including presidents or representatives from 10 other associations, to the BOIA Annual Belfast Dinner in the R.B.A.I. School Common Hall.   A superb evening was enjoyed by attendees of all ages, ranging from 38 10-year leavers to 15 60-year leavers and even a number who left Inst more than 70 years ago.  Special mention should go to John Glenn for rounding up 46 of the ‘Year of 2003″.   This eagerly anticipated event is a highlight of the BOIA calendar and gives an opportunity to former pupils to renew acquaintance with many of their contemporaries at school.  Such is the popularity of the Dinner that people travel from far and wide to be present, with this year between 35 and 40 attendees coming from England, Scotland or Wales.   It was particularly pleasing to see welcome those who had made the journey from as far afield as Belgium, Poland, Hong Kong, U.S.A. and Canada.