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Pragma is a Professional Services firm specialising in the delivery of Planning services.  Pragma undertakes a forensic investigation of each case and discovers the approach that others may have missed.  We then formulate the best case possible including addressing and mitigating any potential pitfalls.  

We actively manage the planning process from pre-application discussions and community engagement, through dealing directly with planning consultees, to the delivery of the planning decision.

Pragma has always operated unobtrusively with business coming by word of mouth referrals; we are happy to operate in this way because we believe it provides the best results for our clients.  That means that we don’t advertise, we don’t do “Top 10’s” and we don’t seek awards because we don’t need to; our results speak for themselves.

If you have a development related problem that no one else seems to be able to solve, contact us for a free consultation to discuss the issues to see if we can apply our lateral thought approach as an alternative to the methods already tried.