BOIA: An Introduction

The “Inst” community does not just comprise the boys currently at the school, their parents, and the staff. A very important part of that community is the body of the old boys of the school known as Belfast Old Instonians Association (BOIA). The Association was formed in 1911, one year after the School celebrated its centenary. Those who promoted its formation had a vision of:

“ an organisation which may draw together those who have had common school experiences and common memories of youth, and who, as they are united in loyalty to the School, and in desire for its welfare, may remain likewise united and bound to one another in whatever part of the world they may find themselves. “
These sentiments are still included in the constitution of the Association where objectives include sustaining and deepening the interest of former pupils in the School, furthering the welfare of pupils and former pupils of the School, and strengthening connections among Old Instonians.

There are many diverse links between the old boys and current pupils. Members of the rugby, hockey, cricket, and golf sections of the Instonians sports club coach and play matches against their counterparts in the School. Old boys offer careers advice, and provide work experience for boys at the School. The Council of the Association will consider suitable requests for financial assistance from sports clubs engaging in foreign tours and from individual boys seeking to further their personal development in special expeditions.

Membership of the Association is open to all who have attended Inchmarlo or Inst, and to all members of the staff at either school. It is the earnest wish of the Association that all former pupils of the school join the organisation, not only to carry on a great tradition which started in 1911, but to remain in touch with both their peers and the institution that shaped them into the men they are today.